Cyclists performing workout

How to use Bikemind app

Transform your cycling routine with Bikemind, your personal cycling coach conveniently on your iPhone. To get started, securely attach your iPhone to your bike's handlebars using a reliable bike phone mount. This setup allows you to easily glance at your screen during workouts.

Navigate to the 'Workouts' tab in the app to explore a variety of training sessions. Each workout is categorized into stages with varying intensities—easy (green), moderate (yellow), and high (red)—known as 'Training Zones'. These zones are designed with predefined speeds, but you can customize them to match your fitness level through the Settings under 'Training Zones'.

Setting the correct speed is crucial and can be gauged by your breathing:

To begin a session, head to the 'Record' screen, select your workout, and press the [Start] button. The app will record your training, adjusting the target speed automatically if you’re climbing a hill. Maintain your pace within 80 - 100% of the Target Speed for optimal results.

After completing your training, tap [Pause] and [Save] to log your session, which you can review on the 'Rides' screen. Always prioritize safety by staying alert, wearing appropriate gear, and adhering to traffic laws.

With consistent use of the Bikemind app and regular adjustments to your Training Zones as your fitness improves, you’re on your way to achieving your cycling goals efficiently and safely.